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Mr C
After suffering with a number of weight related conditions over the past few years I decided enough was enough and I needed to make some changes. Having never considered non surgical treatments in the past, I decided to enlist some help from the Wiltshire Inch Loss Clinic.
After my consultation, I booked a course of 6 bi-weekly Waves 21 treatments and started to follow a low sugar, low carb diet. I was astounded that I lost 5 cms from my first treatment.
After two treatments I measured my blood pressure (which has been dangerously high for at least 5 years) I was staggered to see that it had dropped from 177/110 to 119/79, in just one month! I had been taking medication for 5 years and my blood pressure had never been that low.
I'm 4 treatments in now and I've lost 15 inches off my middle, I feel energised, I am sleeping better and I am 25lbs lighter. I can highly recommend the Waves 21 treatment and the Wiltshire Inch Loss Clinic and I can't wait to see my final results.”

Mrs P 


Last week I had the Cryo Facial with Lisa. Wow! It’s the most wonderful facial I have ever had. My skin felt to wonderful afterwards, so rehydrated and smooth. Some of my lines have vanished, it’s amazing.

I would absolutely recommend this facial to anyone. It’s fabulous. Thank you Lisa.


Mrs H 


I highly recommend the fat freezing treatment. I have just had my 3rd treatment and I can honestly not believe the results. It is truly amazing, and I am so happy. I have been following a healthy eating plan alongside the treatments but the main problem for me was stubborn fat on my stomach, this has now decreased by inches and part of these treatments also includes toning the muscles which is equivalent to 3 hours of sit-ups!

Lisa is lovely, very professional and she talks you through every step of the way. It is not painful or uncomfortable at all and quite a pleasure having the treatments. 

Definitely 10 out of 10 for me.




Miss L 

I was a little sceptical at first and was in two minds if to go ahead and have the treatment. I have never been confident about myself, especially my bottom and legs, and felt quite anxious about someone actually seeing me without clothes. But, Lisa made me feel very comfortable and talked me through every part of the treatment and how it treated each area that I had opted for.

The treatment itself was pain free and I now feel that it has been money well spent! I am absolutely amazed at the results and feel so much more confident about the way I look. I couldn’t wait for Lisa to send me the photographs so I could show close family the amazing results. My mum even said that she couldn’t believe it was the same person!

Thank you so much Lisa. I was so glad that I met you at the wedding fair and I would definitely recommend this treatment to others.


Mrs H 

I just wanted to share a before pic (17 Dec 2017) and after (1 April 2018) pic with you for you to see the change in my skin!!!!
I have been told by people I look ‘glowing’, ‘10 years younger’ and many other kind words, when I updated my FB profile pic this weekend - the HIFU and eye lift have made a huge difference! An old school friend who has not seen me since leaving school said I ‘don’t look a day over 25’! The treatments have definitely worked their magic!! Thank you!


Mrs H 

The Wiltshire Inch Loss Clinic is a very professional, warm and friendly environment in which to have treatments.  Lisa has a lovely way of putting people at their ease immediately and she very quickly made me feel comfortable and ensured that the treatments I had were enjoyable so that I could have the full benefit of the treatment itself while feeling as though it was a nice way to spend some time relaxing in her cosy and very well-equipped treatment room.  She went out of her way to make sure I had all I needed while the amazing equipment she has in her arsenal was used to give me the results I needed to make my weight loss goal easier to attain.  I have been very pleased with the results and found that time with Lisa motivated me beyond just the treatment, she helps to instil in her clients a healthy outlook on life in a very encouraging and nurturing way.  Thank you Lisa! I will be back for more of your wonderful treatments because I have been so pleased with what I have achieved already with your support!  And as you know, I have already recommended friends of mine to you, and that says it all!

Mrs A

'After ending a twelve-year love affair with Botox I wanted to find a treatment that was going to provide a safer and more natural result. Not only does Touch Skin treatment deliver but it is also more cost effective. There is something really nice in knowing that, following this treatment, my skin does not just appear tighter but is undergoing physiological changes that are conducive  to a more youthful appearance - my skin is doing the work so it seems a more natural alternative to injecting foreign substances. Lisa is very professional and listens to your concerns. I am very happy to have found what I was looking for in terms of both treatment and therapist'.

Mrs K 

I've always worn minimal make-up but over the last couple of years I've found myself wanting to cover up more due to fine lines, especially around the eyes. I've never wanted any invasive treatment, leaving me without expression and when I saw Wiltshire Inch Loss clinic had introduced the innovative Touch skin, it looked the perfect solution. I was right! I'm thrilled with the results and after a single treatment my lines have disappeared, taking years off my face. The procedure itself is relatively pain free and Lisa made me feel so comfortable throughout. Within 5 days, all the visible marks had gone, leaving me with beautifully smooth skin. I will be recommending to friends and family. Thank you Lisa


Mrs W 

Incredible service, price and results from Lisa. 
Starts with an assessment, where needs are assessed. Then leisurely lie down, while equipment works its magic. Lisa monitors the treatment; I had a remarkable radio frequency skin tightening treatment during this time too. I noticed the skin tightening and just a slight change initially, but over next few weeks, a big improvement.

I'm someone that has learnt to embrace and enjoy her curves, but in my late 40s I found the extra fat all over, hard to shift, and big legs and knees, kept well hidden, throughout my life. Having had just two sessions, costing just £450, am delighted with results, top of thighs slimmer, and no longer chafe, slimmer contoured knees and emerging tyre round middle, almost gone.

To say I am delighted is an understatement - they say there's no such thing as a free lunch, for me, who loves and drinks plenty of water and keeps active - there really is... 
Mrs W, aged 51.​

*Results will vary from person to person.


Christine S

Wow, I just can't believe the difference just 2 months after HIFU!

The lines by my nose and mouth have almost disappeared and the wrinkles in my neckline. My skin is lovely so much smoother....thoroughly recommend....thank you Lisa

*Results will vary from person to person.



I am so happy with the 'fat freezing' treatment .Overwhelming results! I can see the difference
and it has definitely given me a boost of confidence.
Thank you for your excellent service, Lisa.
I am looking forward to my next treatment-HIFU.

*Results will vary from person to person.


Jo Aston 

Amazing results! After having my 2 boys i have always had stubborn mummy tummy, immediately after the treatment i lost a total of 1 inch, 12 weeks later a total of 3.5 inches, I’m feeling great! Thankyou Lisa for making me feel amazing xx

*Results will vary from person to person.


Kate H 

 I visited Lisa for cryo as I lost a lot of weight, had an overhang and hysterectomy scars, no amount of exercise was going to shift that lot. After just one session, yes just the one so far I have lost 2 inches and walked out of her lovely sanctuary feeling absolutely amazing. Can't wait for the next stage. Thank you Lisa, she will make you feel very relaxed and so professional. 5x

*Results will vary from person to person.


Claire A 

I went to see Lisa 7 weeks ago and had the fat freezing in 4 areas, belly, both arms and the upper torso just below the bra. I've been drinking gallons of water and doing lots of exercise as prescribed. I haven't been able to get back for measurements until today and I have to say I'm impressed and very happy. Bearing in mind I wasn't really expecting great results for another few weeks, I have lost an amazing 3 inches off my belly, almost 1.5 inches off my upper torso and 3/4 of an inch off each arm. This is beyond what I expected. A very happy customer! Thank you Lisa xx

*Results will vary from person to person.


Lisa T (Fitness instructor, nutritionist and Personal Trainer)

I visited Lisa recently to have my inner thighs frozen ! I exercise every day and eat a well-balanced diet but nothing I could do would shift this stubborn area of fat.

I did a lot of research into the concept Lisa uses and thought I would give it ago based on good feedback .

I can see a difference 3 weeks in and whilst I was waiting for the machine to work its magic Lisa did a small area at the top of my thighs of skin tightening .. This was instant the skin felt so smooth and less bumpy!!

I would recommend Lisa to any of you who dislike parts of your body ..give it a go .I am heading back for more skin tightening as it was so good ...

Highly recommended

*Results will vary from person to person.


Mrs C  

I've always exercised, purely to maintain my figure, but as I've got older and can't do the high impact, is has been to the detriment of my legs, especially my thighs and knees. 
I had no expectations when I visited Lisa other than I believe in Lisa and having read up on Ice lipo fat freezing I've seen some amazing results. Nothing I'm doing currently is having any effect on getting rid of the fat building up so thought it was worth a try. From the start Lisa made me feel comfortable and relaxed and explained everything so thoroughly that as I went through the procedure there were no surprises.
I had 2 areas treated, firstly my thighs and then the inner area just above my knees. Initially when the cups are attached Lisa had warned me it might feel slightly uncomfortable as it's cold, but because I was prepared for it, it was fine. Whilst my thighs were being treated Lisa did a skin tightening treatment on my face and neck which was so relaxing and 3 days later it still feels like she has just done it. In particular, I can see a significant difference around the eyes and jaw area.
I had the same treatment around my knees where the skin has got very saggy. Instantly they looked like they had been ironed and felt so smooth.
It's still early days to report any significant outcome from the fat freezing treatment but I would definitely say that the top of my legs look like they have a bit more of a contour to them as opposed to lumpy shapeless thighs. 
I cannot speak highly enough of Lisa. She asked lots of questions, listened and then gave good feedback based on what my priorities were. Nothing was rushed making the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable. I am already planning my next visit to work on my bottom.
Highly recommended, you must try it.

*Results will vary from person to person.


Sonia C

I visited Wiltshire Inch Loss Clinic this morning and, firstly, was struck by the lovely, relaxing space where the treatments took place and the warm welcome I received from Lisa. The process and technology behind it was explained in an easy to understand way and I was impressed with Lisa's depth of knowledge, which really put me at ease. I went for Cryolipolysis on my inner thighs and Cavitation on my outer thighs, as well as some radio frequency on my face. I loved the non-invasive element of the procedures and was struck by the immediacy of the results on my face, which feels smoother and looks more toned. I look forward to going back in twelve weeks to review the success of the treatment on my thighs. I would highly recommend.

*Results will vary from person to person.


Jill H 

I visited Wiltshire Inch Loss Clinic in order to reduce the pockets of fats around my outer thighs. Despite exercising up to 5 hours per week and eating and drinking healthily (most of the time!) my thighs never change shape. During the initial consultation Lisa, the therapist, reassured me that the Ice Lipo would help and over time I would see a reduction in inches. As I have always been hesitant to try anything more drastic such as surgery the process seemed ideal for me. The whole treatment took less than two hours and I felt relaxed in the treatment room as Lisa talked me through the whole process and explained to me how to ensure I got the best results out of my treatments. As the Ice Lipo takes a while to see results I decided to combine the treatment with Ultrasound Cavitation; this gives more immediate results after a shorter session. After just one session I was astounded to find a reduction around my hips of an inch. The information on this treatment explains that the results will increase after subsequent visits, so I am definitely going to return for more.

*Results will vary from person to person.


Clare C 
I booked into the Wiltshire inch loss clinic to have the Cryolipolysis to remove stubborn fat on my lower abdomen. Lisa (my therapist) was fantastic. She explained all about the procedure, answering all my questions in depth. The treatment was non-evasive and pain-free. The treatment room was cosy and warm, which left me completely relaxed during the procedure. I followed the Cryolipolysis with cavitation and radio frequency skin tightening which gave me an immediate result on my tummy. I'm booking in for a course of the RF skin tightening as the improvement on my skin was amazing. I'm really looking forward to my review in 12 weeks to see how the Cryolipolysis has worked. Thank you Lisa, I will be recommending the Wiltshire inch loss clinic to all my family and friends!

*Results will vary from person to person.


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