Cryo C-Life 21® designed to treat the most common aesthetic problems.


Cryo C-Life 21® designed to treat the most common aesthetic problems.

We are delighted to introduce this Italian designed innovative and versatile technology to the Clinic. Cryo C Life 21 can treat localised fat, reduce cellulite and tone and tighten the skin on the body and face and much more.

Cryo C Life 21 uses Cryolipolysis technology combined with Radio Frequency, LED and Electro-stimulation waves. Cryo C Life 21 can treat almost any area of the body and face As one of only three UK clinics to offer this award winning technology, these treatments are exclusively available in the area at the Wiltshire Inch Loss Clinic.

With over 100 treatments options including: 
  • Eye bag reduction
  • Fat reduction 
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin Tightening 
  • Thread veins
  • Cryo Facials for wrinkle reduction, lifting and toning the face and neck
  • Rosacia, Psoriasis and Acne 
  • Pain Relief, sciatica, tennis elbow, muscle strains 






The cold activates the collagen and gives instantaneous tightness, filling fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time we use revolutionary creams which contain plant stem cells, when applied to the surface of the skin they help protect human skin stem cells from damage. It stimulates the more collagen production leavng the skin looking younger, brighter, lifted and firmer.


.The micro-currents are low intensity currents applied in a localised way in order to stimulate the processes of cell renewal. The micro-currents application on the skin stimulates the infiltrated inflammatory phase (edema), with a recall of water from the inner layers.
This results in an acceleration of the fibroblasts proliferation, the cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Through this mechanism the collagen is no longer being introduced from the outside, it is produced by the body itself, showing immediate visible results in the reduction of wrinkles.



PH 21 is non-invasive and painless it involves introducing body cells to an electric shock at low voltage. PH 21 uses on the skin an innovative handle working with special electric waves able to create electrosensitive channels called hydrophilic macropores outside of the physiological ones, increasing the skin surface permeability up to 80 percent. Alternated rectangular waves are used with particular intensity to better transfer the active ingredients up to 90 in deep to the hypodermic tissue, moreover increasing skin and muscle tone.

PH 21 acts directly on the skin with a transitory increase of the tissues permeability. The double lipid layer is subjected to a temporary readjustment, with formation of water channels in the cell membrane, which allow the passage of cosmetic molecules that otherwise would not go beyond the stratum corneum.


Radio Frequency is an aesthetic treatment non invasive and painless, based on the emission of energy able to develop a pleasant heat inside the skin tissue. It can spread from the surface to deep into the dermis (a few millimeters), to adipose tissue and it can even act on the muscles.

The heat is not transmitted from the equipment to the tissues but is produced inside the skin with the advantage benefits of high temperatures without involving burns on the surface. 

The biological effect of heat consists of a positive assessment of collagen with contraction and reorganisation of collagen fibers (this produces a lifting effect reducing beauty problems such as wrinkles, laxity, or cellulite).

It also stimulates the fibroblasts (the cells producing collagen) with new collagen synthesis and increase in the density of the dermis. Radiofrequency is a procedure of simple remodeling, the skin will be firmer after the first treatment, improving slackness with a lifting effect visible after a course of treatments.

Radiofrequency also influences the sebaceous gland decreasing the volume, and is so indicated in all cases where is necessary to reduce the amount of sebum (acne, hyperseborrhoea, etc)


Monopolar radiofrequency gives a homogeneous heating of deeper tissues of the dermis and adipose tissue, and therefore is particularly suitable for limbs, abdomen, buttocksm because it acts more specifically in depth, the monopolar mode is less indicated as regards the treatment on the face, decolletè and hands, as the face needs to be stimulated a few millimeters deep to obtain the immediate lifting effect.

BIPOLAR RADIO FREQUENCY has a good depth of action but, in contrast to the monopolar mode, the heating produced is "binary", meaning that it is initially produced in those skin areas that have a lower resistance to current flow (dermis) and then it is propagated by conduction to areas immediately below (hypodermis).

The bipolar mode is preferable in the treatment on face, neck, décolleté and hands and in those who have dental implants or metallic prosthesis.

Lifting effect (wrinkles and skin slackness): is achieved by contraction of collagen at different levels of depth, the heat acts directly on the collagen, upto 30% of the fibers become shorter and swollen, with the result of reshaping of the treated area.

Cell oxygenation: already at a low level of the RF, there is an effect of oxygenation caused by the increase of cell metabolism with improvement of microcirculation efficiency.

Drainage: thanks to the great effect of vascularization obtained, it is possible to get good results on accumulations caused by fluid retention (activation of the microcirculation.)

Slimming: biostimulating directly adipocytes, using the draining and oxygenating effects, it is possible to get excellent results on localized or extended fat deposits.

Vasodilatation and hyperthermia: An increase of blood circulation promotes supply of reparative agents, anti-inflammatories and nutrients substances.

Stretch marks: although these are difficult to remove, the treatment can improve skin texture and compact the stretch mark. The best results are obtained on red stretchmarks.

Facial treatments:

  • Wrinkles
  • Bags and shadows
  • Skin discolouration
  • Toning

Body treatments:

  • Cellulite
  • Remodelling and toning
  • Breasts and buttocks firming
  • Stretch marks
  • Lmyph drainage




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