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The HIFU Ultrasound Face and Neck Lift has become one of the most sought after non-surgical face-lifting treatments. Unlike laser treatments, which penetrate the skin from the outside-in, the HIFU procedure bypasses the surface of the skin, delivering targeted energy into the deep, structural tissues and muscles where collagen lives.


HIFU involves penetrating ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production in the deeper dermal and sub-dermal levels, which results in micro injury to that tissue. As the tissue heals, it increases collagen and as the collagen fibres organise and shorten, a tightening effect is seen in the tissue. Results build gradually over 3-4 months and can continue to improve for up to 6 months after the procedure.  


Because ultrasound technology works from the inside-out there's is no downtime. 


What is HIFU? 


HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. HIFU uses focused ultrasound energy to target the layers of skin just below the surface. The ultrasound energy causes the tissue to heat up rapidly. Once the cells in the targeted area reach a certain temperature, they experience cellular damage. While this may seem counterintuitive, the damage actually stimulates the cells to produce more collagen — a protein that provides structure to the skin.

The increase in collagen results in tighter, firmer skin. with fewer wrinkles. Since the high-frequency ultrasound beams are focused on a specific tissue site below the skin’s surface, there’s no damage to the upper layers of the skin and adjacent issue.


What to expect after treatment


After treatment, you can immediately resume your normal activities because the skin’s upper layers are not damaged by the high intensity ultrasound. In some cases, slight redness or mild swelling may occur, which will quickly subside. There may also be a slight sensitivity to touch and light tingling sensation, which can persist for up to 2 weeks. In very rare cases, bruising, welting, temporary local numbness can occur. These side effects disappear after a few days.


Is HIFU COOL face lifting painful?


HIFU Cool is unlike normal HIFU technology, the revolutionary cooled handpiece allows for a comfortable, pain free and quick treatment. Treatment times range from 10 - 60 mins.  This revolutionary new technology allows sweeping motions as well as upward lifting motions to create maximum lift.



Which areas are suitable for HIFU?

  • Non-surgical face lifting and tightening of lax skin, wrinkle reduction and skin smoothing
  • Correction of the facial shape and asymmetrical face shape due to facial drops
  • Lifting of the cheeks, brows, nasolabial folds and neck.
  • Chin reduction and jaw line sculpting
  • Tightening of the décolletage
  • Buttock lifting and shaping
  • Under arm or bingo wing tightening and smoothing of crepe and wrinkled skin
  • Upper inner thighs where tissue is lax, abdomen
  • Fat reduction in abdomen, back, arms, thighs.

How many treatments will I need?


Generally excellent results can be achieved after just one HIFU COOL treatment. An additional treatment is recommended in cases where there is significant ageing or there is asymmetry to the face which can be carried out at around 12 weeks after the first.


Body Treatments typically require 2-4 treatments to achieve desired results.  

Individual results will vary from person to person.


Am I a candidate for HIFU?


Anyone aged 30 plus, who has noticed that the skin on their face or neck has become laxer and wishes to lift, tighten and improve the relevant area.


For clients in their 30's it is typically used to stimulate collagen production and hence help delay the ageing process.


Clients aged 40-60 are also suitable for the HIFU treatment, as functions of the body and consequently those of the skin start to decline (production of collagen and hyaluronic acid that contribute to the behavior of cells).

It is also suitable for those aged 60+, provided the degree of laxity is not too great and for  those who have had surgery in the past to prolong the effects of surgical facelifts and want to extend the result.




Metal implants in the treatment area


Blood or bleeding disorders

Infectious skin disorders

Immune compromised/ Cancer/ Skin cancer


Benefits of HIFU

ONE TREATMENT ONLY – Results will improve for up to 6 months after the treatment. HIFU targets the deep foundation layer - same layer as addressed in cosmetic surgery. It won't duplicate the results of a surgical face lift however, it is a great alternative, especially for those not ready for surgery or for people looking to extend the effects of cosmetic surgery. Individual results will vary.


NO POST PROCEDURES - no special after-care requirements


NO DOWNTIME - you can resume your normal activities immediately.

NON-INVASIVE, NON-SURGICAL, COMPLETELY SAFE - The FDA-cleared Ultherapy or HIFU procedure has been established to be safe and effective in clinical studies and over 200,000 patient treatments worldwide. It is considered the best alternative to the invasive surgery or injections.


UPLIFT HAPPENS NATURALLY - By stimulating the deep structural support layers of the skin, a natural, regenerative response is initiated, stimulating the growth of new collagen, which lifts and tightens the skin over time



  • Reduces fine to deep wrinkles
  • Under eye troughs, bags and dark circles
  • Skin lifting 
  • Lifts and tightens the cheeks 
  • Slows down the development of aging signs on the face, neck and décolleté
  • Improves skin elasticity and shaping of the face contour
  • Improves jaw line
  •  Acne reduction 


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